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This three-day intensive is not for the passive flower fan, but is instead for the passionate ones among us, the ones who are ready to dive in and make it their career. You’ll be led by Margot Blair's fearless Owner and Creative Director, Carly Blair, who started this company from the ground up (during a recession, no less!), turning it into a thriving business that is considered to be among the top in the profession. Come enjoy a peek into her world, receiving her light-hearted yet straight-forward guidance and expertise, showing you the path to take to turn your dreams into a reality. (All photos are of real student work.)

Day One:
+ Breakfast of Champions: Learn how to conduct a flawless client meeting, learning the do’s and don’ts of client interaction — the questions to ask, the places to go — all while Carly herself interviews you regarding the type of business you want to run and learns how to best tailor your class to fit those needs.
+ Take a guided tour of the city’s local wholesalers and product markets to learn how and where to source materials, as well as receive info on how to set up the accounts you need in order to receive professional pricing.
+ Enjoy a Q & A session with Carly, giving you an insider’s view of the tricks of the trade that she’s picked up over the years that have earned her the title as an expert.

Day Two:
+ Arrive to the House of Margot Blair studio to receive special shipments of the freshest product from around the country. Not only will you get to work with these beauties, but we’ll send you home with the info you need to be able to order them yourself.
+ Receive hands-on training and constructive criticism on how to master the three essentials of wedding floristry — the bouquet, the centerpiece, and the large-scale arrangement.
+ Have professional photographs taken of your arrangements, being the first of many in your budding portfolio.

Day Three:
+ Learn how to market your new founds skills, including how to present yourself to and work with the people within the industry
+ Receive training on how to write sample proposals and contracts
+ Master social media by learning how to style and capture your own photographs, using little more than natural light and a smart phone.

This course package includes everything you’ll need within your three-day intensive, including your flowers and supplies (all of which you will be able to take home), note taking necessities and print outs of our samples, lunch and beverages, and transportation to and from our field trip destinations. We do recommend that you bring your personal laptop for the “classroom” portions of the workshop, but this is not a necessity. Travel costs and accommodations are not included.



- Please be sure you have a flexible schedule. We try our best to accomodate your suggested dates with our event schedule

- There are no refunds for this class at this time

- Workshop is taught in our showroom, if you are looking to do it at another location a travel fee will be added

One-on-One: The Professional

  • We try to accommodate private workshops as best as we can. Please try to let us know ahead of time of any schedule changes. We will not be able to refund you for this class.

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