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We're excited to bring a candle light yoga experience with Jasmine Cormier, owner of Allure Yoga Austin. Bring your favotire mat and step into our showroom full of florals, candles and a positive yoga experience.
Jasmine Cormier is a beacon of resilience and positivity, inspiring others through her journey of overcoming anxiety, depression, and panic attacks after a PTSD diagnosis. She believes in reshaping our inner voice to be supportive and positive, a philosophy she embodies as a certified quantum life and success coach. Jasmine has devoted over 135 hours to mastering tools like EFT, Hypnotherapy, and NLP, guiding clients toward their most radiant selves. With 250 hours of training, she's also a certified yoga sculpt and power vinyasa instructor, offering guided meditation, affirmations, and yoga fitness on her YouTube channel for holistic emotional well-being. As a businesswoman and motivational speaker, Jasmine has received acclaim for her engagements, including events at Texas State University and Khoros software company. Recently opening Allure Yoga Austin, Jasmine is a dedicated advocate for health, wellness, and small businesses in Austin, where she has lived for 15 years. Outside of her work, she enjoys chess, reading, and nurturing her Malti-Poo-Chi pup, Evie.

Candle Light Yoga with Jasmine Cormier

  • Please note all hostess series workshops are non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.

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