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What does it mean to be a full-service production firm? It means we plan every aspect of your event from concept to fabrication — even if that means we have to fabricate things in-house! Wearing different hats at House of Margot Blair is a must requirement, as you never know what will be thrown at you. This epic private backyard concert (with a band that you may have heard of...that's as much as we can say) was one of our most creative moments.

We wanted to create an enchanting Alice in Wonderland theme featuring neon animals, a life size coloring book, and giant 8ft flowers (created in-house!).

Countless hours were put into creating these fairytale flowers, from wire and fabric cutting to PVC pipe bending. Did we mention we made 12 of these flowers with 6-8 petals each?! Front and back (Ross's voice).

As we all know the Texas heat in the summer is no joke, so in order to avoid a flower fiasco we created these fabulous silicon flowers and hand-painted each one.

A summer party is not complete without a crawfish boil, a full Texas buffet, and of course an ice cream cart by one of our favorite ice cream shops in Houston (Melt) to top it all off.


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