The Vault: Vol. 1.2

Question: What do you wear to walk down the aisle when you're a ferocious business woman, who just so happens to look like a super model, and have a knack like no other for being like no other? Answer: A custom backless gown, with a slit up to there, and platform blue suede shoes... Of course.

And so the stage was set for Kana and Andrew's wedding in April 2017, where the dress was just the beginning of a whole laundry list of finer points that kept even me on my toes, wondering what eccentric, yet unbelievably polished detail would be dreamed up next. A list that included technicolored eyeliner on the bridesmaids, custom woodwork (by the groom, darling) and cellophaned lucite galore.

To say we had fun with this wedding doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about it. But all those emotions don't hold a candle to how very much I adore this couple. After you look at these pictures, I have an inkling that you'll feel the same.

And, per usual, we couldn't have done it without our AMAZING TEAM of both staff and vendors:

Planning and Flowers: House of Margot Blair

Photography: Love, The Nelsons

Pre-ceremony Pictures: Launderette

Venue: Fiesta Gardens

Lighting: Intelligent Lighting Design

Rentals: Premier Events, Birch & Brass

Cake: Sweet Treets

Catering: Verde's Mexican