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Owning a creative business is hands down one of the hardest things I have ever done, and frankly, will ever do. But it's within this same breath that I acknowledge that all of this hard work fulfills an emotional need within me that no other experience has ever come close to touching. Such is the plight of an artist, a feeling that so many of you know all too well. But all is not lost -- there's hope for people like us. And this creative intensive is where I've taken all that hope, bottled it up, and put it into a pretty package for you, for us, as a way for all of us to learn from one another and take this twisted artistic plot that we find ourselves in and push it to heights we never thought possible.

Still on the fence as to whether or not this intensive workshop is everything you've been searching for for your creative endeavor? Well, take a look at the curriculum below and then ask yourself, "how have I gone this long without it?" We're so excited to already have so many brilliantly talented people grab their seat... Join us, won't you?

Presale pricing ends April 10, 2017. Buy tickets here!


What’s included:

-A local Meet and Greet, complete with light apps and wine the day prior to the workshop (optional) -All materials needed during class, including notebooks, a variety of art supplies, and photography props

- Lunch all 3 days, with a special dinner the final day of the workshop planned by House of Margot Blair

-Head shots and portfolio photos taken by professional photographers

What's not included:

-Housing accommodations and travel. However, we are more than happy to introduce you to other attendees who would like to share rooming.

Course Curriculum:

Day 1: The Creative Process and Your Ideal Client

- Thinking Outside the Box : Define the Style That is Truly You

- Creative Exercise: Compose a Profile Identifying Your Target Market.

- Guest Speakers: Creative entrepreneurs from around the country talk about their art/business

- Who Is Their Target Market?

- What’s Their Creative Process?

- Where Do They Find Inspiration?

- Inspiration –- Where To Find It, How To Develop Your Process, Refine Your Vision

- Hands On Project – using unexpected materials to create a physical inspiration board based on your dream client profile

Day 2: Developing Your Portfolio — Photo Shoot Day

- Panel of Photographers: Group Discussions on Publishing your Work

- Study of photography: How to do it yourself

- Hands On Project: Create a large-scale styled shoot as a team

- Photography Session: Styling In a Studio Environment

- Hair and makeup for attendees

- Head Shots

Day 3: Business Essentials

- Vendor Relations: Working With the Right Team - How and Where to Source Your Ideal Materials

- The Pricing Game: Getting What You’re Worth

- Client Meetings: How to Present Yourselves Like a Pro

- Guest Speakers: Developing Your Branding

- What Marketing Materials Do You Need

- How To Elevate Your Brand Above Your Competitors

- Final Q & A over Farewell Dinner Designed by House of Margot Blair

Seating is limited! Here are your options for securing your spot:

Pre-sale Ticket Price: $1,593.75 (must be paid in full)

Regular Ticket Price: $2,125.00 (with a deposit amount of $1,062.50 now due, and the remaining balance due by Friday, May 5, 2017.)