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I'm looking to start a revolution. Can you help me?

The onset of the Covid-19 outbreak has changed the world as we know it. Isolated in our homes, we long for interaction and we search for ways to make a difference. I don't pretend to think that I can change your whole world with a silly image of a flower, but maybe, just maybe I can change your focus to something happy, even if for just a brief moment in time. And, if in that moment you take the time to pay it forward and send a sprinkle of joy to the next person, who then sends it to the next, and then the next, maybe we can change the whole world... even if for just a brief moment in time. (If nothing else, maybe you can help change my employees and my world, as your purchase will help to keep our little flower shop afloat until we can be spreading joy with real flowers again.)

So here's how you can help:

1. Choose your image below

2. Place your purchase to receive an instant digital file of the image

3. Download the image and save it to your device(s)

4. Send the image to as many people as possible

5. Copy and paste this prompt in your message: "Just a small token to show you that I care, and to remind us both that we still have so much to be happy about. But please, don't let the joy stop with you! Visit to see how you can pay it forward."